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Partial Dentures Edmonton Fully Loves!

Partials give Edmonton denture wearers the comfort and flexibility to eat, smile, speak and laugh with confidence. Jasper Place Denture Clinic offers both cast partial and flexible partial dentures.

Cast Partial Dentures (Rigid Partials)

Some of the benefits of cast partial dentures are the easy adjustments, functionality and ability to prevent teeth from shifting out of place. Cast partial dentures are composed of gum-coloured acrylic, a metal framework and artificial teeth.

Flexible Partial Dentures

Flexible partial dentures may be thin and flexible, but they are also one of the most durable denture styles available today. By choosing a nylon base instead of acrylic, flexible partials are also highly resistant against odours and stains.

Ask Us about Partial Dentures in Edmonton

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Emergency Denture Repair

If your dentures are broken, we can come to you to fix them.

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